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Salad of cucumber and chicken


Chicken 300 g, cucumber 200 g, 1 tea spoon of rice flour, 2 soup spoons of oyster sauce, 1 tea spoon of pepper powder, 1/2 tea spoon of ginger powder, 1 tea spoon of garlic powder, 1 tea spoon of sugar, 2 tea spoons of vinegar, 2 soup spoons of light soy sauce, spring onion/leeks 20 g, 4 soup spoons of cooking oil, 2 tea spoons of sesame oil

  1. Cut the chicken into bits about 1*1*1 cm. Cut the cucumber into small chunks. Cut the spring onion/leeks into small bits. Mix the chicken and rice flour. 
  2. Warm the cooking oil in a pan. Put the chicken bits in the pan. Stir-fry with moderately quick oven until the chicken meat is well cooked. Move the chicken meat and cooking oil to a bowl.
  3. Put the cucumber, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, oyester sauce, pepper and spring onion/leek bits in the bowl. Mix the food well.
  4. Put the bowl in refrigerator until the food becomes cold.