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Pancake of potato, carrot and cabbage


1 potato (about 120 g), 1 carrot (about 95 g), garlic 2 pieces, 4 soup spoons of wheat flour, cabbage leaves about 70 g, 1 egg, 3/4 tea spoon of salt, cooking oil

  1. Make the potato into puree with a kitchmachine (or cook/steam it firstly, then make it into puree). Chop the cabbage, garlic and carrot.
  2. Mix the salt, egg, potato, carrot, garlic, cabbage and wheat flour.
  3. Warm a little cooking oil in a flat pan. Put some potato mixture of step 2 in the pan. Form the mixture with the turner into a cake. Fry with moderate oven until both sides of the cake becomes a little brown.
  4. Repeat step 3.
Chinese food - Pancakes of potato, carrot and cabbage 
Chinese food - Pancakes of potato, carrot and cabbage