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Chicken breast baked with garlic


Chicken breast meat 100 g, 2 soup spoons of fermented soy chicken sauce, garlic 5 pieces, 3 small tomatos, scallion 5 g (not necessary), 1 soup spoon of button (not necessary)

  1. Cut lightly both sides of the chicken breat meat several times. Cut the garlic into small bits. Cut each tomato into two parts. Cut the scallion into pieces.
  2. Mix the chicken breast meat, garlic bits and fermented soy chicken sauce in a bake plate. Wait for 30 mintues.
  3. Put the bake plate into the bake oven. Bake for 30 mintues at 150 ℃. Take the plate out from the oven.
  4. Warm the button in microwave oven. Pour the button on the chicken breast meat.
  5. Collocate with the tomatos and scallion.
Chinese food - Chicken breast baked with garlic