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Chinese sweet sesame seed balls


15 soup spoons of sticky rice flour, 5 soup spoons of sugar, 1 soup spoon of baking powder, water, cooking oil, white sesame seed

  1. Mix the sticky rice flour with some water. Cover the sticky rice with preservative film to isolate it from air. Put the rice flour in room temperature. Wait for about 6 hrs.
  2. Mix the sticky rice flour, baking powder and sugar. Knead the dough until it becomes smoothy. When kneading, add some sticky rice flour if the dough is too wet. The dough should be just wet enough to make balls.
  3. Make balls with diameter about 2 cm with the dough. Put some white sesame seed in a bowl. Roll the balls in the bowl until they are covered with sesame seed. Wait for about 15 mintues.
  4. Warm the cooking oil with a milk pan. The cooking oil should be higher than 2 cm in the pan.
  5. Fry the balls with slow oven. Turn the balls continually when frying. When the surface of a ball becomes a little hard, press the ball with the turner to expel the air in the ball out. When the ball becomes round again, press it again with the turner. Repeat the process several times until the ball becomes a little brown. 
Chinese food - Chinese sweet sesame seed balls 
Chinese food - Chinese sweet sesame seed balls