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Tomato egg soup - Chinese tomato egg soup recipe

1 big tomato, 2 eggs, 1 tea spoon of salt, 2 tea spoons of button/cooking oil, 0.5 liter of water, 1/4 spring onion

1. Cut the tomato into chunks/slices. Cut the spring onion into small bits. Mix the yolks and egg white well in a bowl.
2. Cook the water with quick oven.
3. When the water boils, put the tomato slices/chunks into the pan.

4. Pour the egg mixture slowly into the water. Stir the water at the same time.
5. Put the salt and button into the water. Stir for about 10 seconds. 
6. Move the pan from the oven. Put the spring onion bits into the soup.

Chinese food - Tomato egg soup

Chinese food - Tomato egg soup