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Sweet and sour aubergine

Aubergine 200 grams, 1.5 soup spoon of sugar, 1 soup spoon of vinegar, 2 soup spoons of ketchup, 1 soup spoon of rice/potato flour, 1 tea spoon of salt, garlic 2-3 pieces, 6 soup spoons of cooking oil, water

1. Cut the aubergine into chunks. Cut the garlics into small bits. Mix the sugar, salt, ketchup, vinegar and 100 ml water.
2. Mix 5 soup spoons of cooking oil and the aubergine chunks well. Put them into a pan. 
3. Stir-fry the aubergine with quick oven for about 2 minutes. Take the aubergine out from the pan.
4. Put the garlic and 1 soup spoon of cooking oil into a pan. Stir-fry with moderately quick oven for about 1 mintue. Put the sauce of step 1 into the pan. Cook with moderately quick oven. 
5. When you cook the sauce of step 4, mix 30 ml water and the rice/potato flour in a bowl. 
6. When the sauce of step 4 boils, pour the sauce made in step 5 slowly into the pan. Stir the sauce in the pan at the same time.
7. When the sauce of the step 6 boils, put the aubergine chunks into the pan. Stir-fry with moderately quick oven until only about 1/3 glass of sauce left in the pan.  
8. Move the aubergine chunks into a plate/bowl. Pour the sauce left in the pan evenly on the aubergine chunks.

Chinese food - Sweet and sour aubergine
Chinese food - Sweet and sour aubergine