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Boiled beef recipe 10

Beef 400 grams, green beans 40 grams, carriandor  20 grams, 1 egg white, 1 tea spoon of potato/rice powder, 1 tea spoon of salt, 1/2 tea spoon of sugar, 1 tea spoon of vinegar

1. Chop the beef. Cut the carriandor into chunks.
2. Cook some water. When the water boils, put the beef, green beans, salt and sugar into the pan. The water should cover all the food materials. Cook with quick oven.
3. When the water boils, switch to moderately slow oven. 
4. Mix the egg white and potato/rice powder well.
5. Put the sause of step 4, carriandor and vinegar into the pan. Stir the food well.
6. It is ready.